The result of a succession depends to a large extent on the extent to which a successor can oversee the business,  with regard to financial, organizational and commercial management. In many cases, entrepreneurs who have built up the business or run it for many years manage it with little systematized tools and figures.

There is usually a need to catch up here. If you want to ensure that a new management team quickly gets to grips with the business, certain instrumental prerequisites must be created.

These include a clearly structured financial instrument with corresponding management figures and control parameters. Furthermore, the organizational and operational structure should be in place to the extent that the allocation of tasks, competencies and responsibilities is clearly defined.

Meeting these requirements not only makes the sale easier, it also speeds up the introduction of the new owner.

Succession Planning - Securing the future

We advise and support you not only in the succession process, but also in its preparation. Together with you, we clarify any reasonable adjustments in the structure and processes of your company in order to create the optimal conditions for a successful succession. Transparency in all facts that are important for a successor is one of the essential prerequisites for a successful continuation of the business.