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Company sales and succession planning are usually not among the core competencies of small and medium-sized companies. To ensure that such a process is carried out professionally and in the best possible manner, the involvement of experienced experts is essential.

External support guarantees

• a systematic and structured process flow,

• the determination and enforcement of a realistic sales price

• the professional search for and contact with potential    buyers,

• the economic, legal, tax and commercial optimization of the transaction,

• a competent and tight conduct of negotiations,

• the well-founded evaluation of offers received

• adequate preparation and execution of due diligence,

• the coordination of all parties involved in the process in terms of time and content.

In short: Professional support leads to the best possible result for the seller and the future of the company.

Every 6th SME is affected by open succession*.

According to Dun & Bradstreet's analysis, a total of 93,009 SMEs in Switzerland have a succession problem as of April 2022.

This is shown by the analysis of the age of the owners (sole proprietors) and shareholders (companies) or board members (stock corporations) entered in the commercial register. With a total of 614,247 companies analyzed, this results in a relative share of 15.1 percent of companies with a succession problem. Micro and small companies with 1-49 employees are particularly affected.

Among medium-sized companies with 50-249 employees, only 7.9 percent are facing an open succession. A look at the individual sectors reveals major differences.

The greatest succession problem exists in the printing and publishing industry (23.2%), in architectural offices (18.9%) and in business and tax consulting and repair services (both 18.4%).

A practical guide with information, tools and practical examples on the subject of succession and company sales.

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