The preparation of a company succession confronts the owners with many questions. The more comprehensively and concretely these questions are clarified, the greater the chance that a succession can be successfully implemented.

In discussions with experienced persons, points of view are revealed, wishes and reality are balanced and ultimately a stable foundation is created for the further procedure in terms of time and content.

Werner Fassbind has been accompanying and advising corporate development and succession processes for many years. Coaching in his understanding does not only mean to ask the right questions, but also to bring in the necessary expertise and experience regarding business, legal and tax issues. Through a network of specialized experts,  arising questions can be clarified and, if possible, solved.


Personal situation  

Goals / Wishes

Where do I stand in my personal and professional development?

What time horizon do I see until the handover of the company?

What is my financial situation when I give up my professional activity?

Do I plan an immediate or a gradual transition?

What activities would I like to pursue after handing over the company?

Situation Company

Actual / Future

What is the economic situation of the company?

Is the future of the company and the jobs secured?

How stable are the customer relations?

How stable is the personnel situation?

How much does the success of the company depend on my person?

Are there internal candidates who could take over the company?


time plan


Personal Coaching

Situation family/

Ideas / Wishes

What goals/wishes does my life partner have for the future?

What goals/wishes do my children have?

Are there possible successors within the family?

If there is an internal solution

- Has the financing been clarified?

- Have inheritance issues been clarified?

- Have tax law issues been clarified?

Decision of solution:


Management buy out